Charging Problem In Nokia

Posted on: 15 Nov 2011

Are you facing problem in charging your nokia handset? If yes then there is nothing new in this. This is because in recent times there have been various cases under which nokia phones are getting damaged very soon.The common problem faced by all is charging. Below are some causes due to which the mobile is not getting charged properly.

Usage of duplicate charger:

It is advices to use original nokia charger to charge your phone. This is because they are not only reliable but also may help you charge your phone quite quickly. The chances of battery getting damaged due to the usage of duplicate charger is very high. However, if you are using a original charger you may not worry about your battery getting damaged.

Long time usage of damaged battery:

If you are using a damaged battery for long time then you may face problems while keeping your cell on charging. Like sometimes your battery will be fully recharged quickly but will also get empty with the same speed. Alternatively, some time it may not get charged only despite keeping it for charging for longer period of time. So it is advised to keep changing your battery if you feel something wrong in it.

Problem in charging port:

There are also chances of your charging port being damaged. This may happen if there is some dust particles in the port. It is advised not to clean the port by yourself rather visit a nokia service center and take professional help for the same in order to avoid any future damages to the phone. Charging port may also get damaged if you do not insert the charging pin properly. Even then you are facing problem in your mobile, move to Nokia repair center Mumbai.


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