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Fast Repairing Of Mobile Phone Dropped In Water

Posted on: 21 Nov 2011

Is your mobile phone off because you dropped it in water? If yes then follow the easy steps to repair mobile.

Basics to do:

First, take out your cell as fast as possible from the water. In such conditions, do not panic and try to anything else other than steps mentioned below because it can damage your mobile further and land you up in some more problems. Then quickly remove the square parts of the body like battery, sim card, and Plastic body of your mobile phone.

Drying your phone:

As soon as you are done with, the above-mentioned steps take a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer and try to make the water content in the phone to evaporate due to the heat provided by the machines. It is advised not to make the use of the above-mentioned machines with a very high force. This is because it may also damage your phone.

Use Rice to dry the phone:

If you feel, it is dangerous to use vacuum cleaner and hair dryer then keep your wet mobile phone in a container containing rice. Rice will absorb the moisture content i.e. the water and help you dry your phone. However, this process may take much more time as compared to the process mentioned earlier.

Keep the phone on dry cloth:

After using any one of the above-mentioned method keep your mobile phone on a dry cloth. The important thing to notice here is that the cloth should be completely dry. This is because our goal is to remove all the moisture content in phone. Even paper can be used for the same.

After following the above-mentioned process again re-attach all the square parts and test the phone. Normally it will start working as it used to work before. However, if it does not work properly you can again follow the mentioned process and recheck.


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