Handset Problem In Nokia

Posted on: 27 Nov 2011

In recent times, there have been many cases wherein nokia handsets have stopped working even before the warranty period of the phone ends. This is the pure sign, which shows low quality production on companies’ part. The following are the number of problems faced by Nokia users.

Software problem:

Software problems have been seen in mostly all mobile phones from all the companies but nokia headsets are facing this problem majorly. Under this problem, the mobile phone switches of automatically and takes time to switch on again or the screen goes blank and does not respond to any operations, these are some major software problems faced by nokia headsets.

Low battery life:

Battery provided by nokia generally has low battery life. In most of the cases, users have problems in charging the nokia headset. This is because the battery provided by nokia is not of good quality and gets damaged in very short period of time.

Key problems:

This problem has shown op very less but still some users are facing the keypad problems. Sometimes the keypad does not response to the functions used by the user and thus creating problem to user in using the nokia headset.

Besides the above mentioned major problems there are also some problems that are uncommon but still exists and troubles the user like sometimes due to some internal problems its is not possible to send messages as they get blocked. Even the screen of the mobile phone is not very good and gets scratches very early. Besides this, speaker problem in nokia has also been a common thing among nokia users. Even accepting external memory device becomes a problem for nokia users.

The only way to save your nokia handset from the above mentioned problems or any other problem that you may be facing is to keep it safe and care for the same. Also regular services from Nokia center can help you keep it working for long period of time.


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