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1. The Customer must produce the original Job sheet at the time of taking the delivery of the product. MOBIassist reserves the right to refuse delivery of the products, if the original Job Sheet is lost. In such event, MOBIassist may give the delivery of the product only on submitting the proof regarding lawful ownership of the product in question to the satisfaction of MOBIassist and also as to the identity of the person claiming the product. MOBIassist shall be absolved from all the liabilities on handing over the product against the Job Sheet.

2. MOBIassist shall not be obliged to undertake any repairs of the found to be waterlogged, liquid damaged or tampered as a result of repairs carried out by unprofessional repairers and the decision of MOBIassist in that respect shall be final.

3. The defective parts of the products replaced while undertaking the repairs of the product will not be returned to the customers.

4. The estimate given at the time of acceptance of the product for repair is provisional and may vary at the time of the detailed inspection. Should the final expected charge be more than initial estimate, MOBIassist will proceed only after taking the approval (either in writing or on phone) from customer. In the event final estimate is not approved by the customer within 7 days, the product will be returned to the customer in the condition existing after carrying out the detailed inspection and MOBIassist will not be responsible for the product whatsoever.

5. MOBIassist shall make all efforts to ensure that the product is picked up within 24hrs from receipt of faulty product complain. However, at times due to non-availability / shortage of reliable manpower or unforeseen circumstances. MOBIassist will not be responsible for any loss whatsoever which the customer may suffer in the event of delay in repair for such afore-mentioned reasons.

6. The Customer shall take delivery of the product within 5 days of delivery date/written intimation from MOBIassist, on payment of the charges as mentioned in the Job Sheet or as agreed by the customer at the time of confirmation as specified in clause 5 (Charges). This shall be regardless whether the product has been repaired or not. In the event customer does not take the delivery within 30 days from the delivery date/written intimation, MOBIassist reserves the right to auction / sell the product to recover the repair and auction charges from the customer. MOBIassist reserves the right to recover from the customer any deficit amount post such sale / auction of the product.

7. In case the customer fails to pay the Charges to MOBIassist at the time of delivery of the said product, MOBIassist reserves the right to retain the said product till such time the Charges have been paid by the customer to MOBIassist.

8. MOBIassist shall not be liable for any delays, non performance, failure or non delivery of the products due to contingencies arising from any force such as fire, storm, earthquake, accident, strikes, lockout, industrial dispute, labour trouble, transportation embargo, existence of any state emergency, war, civil commotion, riot, inability to obtain material, refusal of license, imposition of sanction of any measure taken by Government which renders it impossible or impractical for MOBIassist to perform, supply, service or deliver the product to the customer.

9. In the event of any dispute arising out of theseTERMS & CONDITIONS, the same shall be submitted to the single arbitrator to be appointed by MOBIassist and the award /decision of such arbitrator shall be final and binding on both the parties. The venue for such arbitration proceeding shall be in Mumbai.

10. The above terms and conditions supersedes and terminates all prior representations, discussions, undertakings, end user agreements, communications or advertising relating to the products and services, written or oral unless otherwise agreed in writing by MOBIassist

11. MOBIassist shall not be liable for any memory setting and data loss during repair of the products.

12. In case a product becomes defective while the same is being repaired and cannot be brought back to the original condition in which the product was delivered to MOBIassist for repairs, in such event, MOBIassist shall not be liable for the product becoming defective and shall not be required or called upon by the customer to pay any compensation for the same.

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